Customized analytics for life sciences

We work with life science leaders bogged down with data analysis and report generation.

We build customized analytics and reporting engines, saving you time and improving consistency and reproducibility.

Let us handle the messy operational aspects of data processing, while you focus on the important tasks of thinking about your data and sharing your results.


First, we get on a call for a data consultation. Here, we establish your requirements for the analytics and report.

Next, we analyze your data and build a prototype of your report.

Finally, we ensure that both the analytics and report meet your expectations, making changes until it's "just right."

Report engine

Behind the scenes, we build a custom analytics and report engine with you in control of the requirements.

Refresh your data as often as you like, and receive updated reports.

If your report requirements change, we can update the process until you get what you need.

Jabus Tyerman brings years of data science experience from his work on the front lines of Biotechnology.

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Andy Idsinga brings years of experience in software development in corporate and startups settings.

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We are focused on helping life science and biotechnology companies that want to take the next step beyond manual data analysis and spreadsheets. If your company is scaling up your bioassays, growth analyses, or enzyme, strain, or other phenotypic screening pipelines, and require a level of automation, reproducibility, and efficiency that saves you time, then our cloud-based, customized data analysis, and report-generation engines might be right for you. Contact us to learn whether we might be a good fit.